Environment Education

Every year 3 awareness rallies are organized for students. During the academic year 2018-2019 rallies were organized to create awareness about 'Dengue', about 'Diahorrea' , and 'Fight Corruption'. Children are involved in various talks like 'Banning of Plastics' etc. they are given various clubs like Eco club, Science club and Gardening club to create an interact in the environment. Trekking trips and Turtle walks are also organized to protect wildlife. JRC is also a part of curriculum through which students visit old age homes and people on the roadside to lend a helping hand to them.


Students are given Yoga, Physical Education and Karate coaching in the school. They actively take part in with school competitions and inter house competitions within the school. Students also took part in the marathon held at Chengalpattu organized for the cause of ‘Green India’. Students have won various prizes in the yoga and karate competitions.


Every month on second Saturdays the PTA and SLTC meeting are held. Members come up with new suggestions and ideas.

Teachers Training Program

• On 6th June 2018 a workshop was organized by Dr.Narendra Nayak, Professor- Biochemistry dept., Manipal Medical College, followed by PPT.
• Orientation Programme was conducted by Mr. Shridhar Ganapathy for teachers on 18th July 2018 followed by video presentation on Patriotism, National integration and corruption.
• Parents Orientation programme was held on 8th December, 2018. The Resource Person was Ms. Jemimma. She spoke on the topic, “Effective Parenting”. The parents had various questions cleared by her and also requested for many more sessions in the near future.