Mr. Shridhar Ganapathy Advisor

The world statistics implies that this country will be fortunate to have the maximum youth population in the next decade and two.
We should note that this same generation has a low literacy level. This trend could create disarray in the next generation, leading to a wide chasm in the education and hence a skewed economy.
India is passing through a very critical stage in the field of education, where one experiences the advantages as well as the disadvantages. If the Government and conscious citizens fail to take positive steps right now, in bridging the gap, we may in due course of time, reach a point of no return.
A single drop has no significance, but million drops when dropped from the sky forms the streams, the rivers and ultimately the ocean. This school is nothing but the culmination of the single drop which we believe will get multiplied to million drops in our country by the conscious efforts of we like-minded citizens.
This school will make an honest attempt to create citizens with humane values, who will not just elevate themselves to higher levels, but also extend a lending hand to those who need to be lifted from the world of poverty, illiteracy and poor health.
In short this school would create idealistic fervour in the minds of the students, who will become the role models for their contemporaries. We believe firmly that the right education to the youth of today is the only hope to taper and ultimately eliminate the present day problems of the world. Hope we succeed in this endeavour with your utmost co-operation and moral support