Parental Awareness:

• Never allow your child to skip breakfast.
• Make your child have his/her dinner at least one hour before going to bed.
• Avoid fast food since they have zero nutrition value.
• Do not allow your ward to watch unhealthy program on the television.
• Discourage your ward from using the Mobile phone as this would lead your ward to fall into bad company.
• Do not send your ward to private tuitions, which will surely confuse your ward and deteriorate his/her performance.
• Do not send your ward to school if he/she is unwell.

Recommendation to Parents:

1. The communication book is for the effective communication between the teachers, school and the parents. All communication needs to be signed by the parents as a proof of having read the communication and should be returned to school the next day.
2. Projects/assignment dates will be intimated to the parents well in advance. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their child completes the work and submits on time. Prior permission has to be taken from the Principal if their child is not able to appear for test/exam.
3. Parents and guardians are informed that occasional remarks from the teachers are usually communicated through the Communication Book. They should also keep an eye on the leave, absence and other records in the Communication Book.
4. The attendance of all parents at School functions, Report days and on Parent Meeting will be mandatory.
5. Parents are encouraged to donate books to the school library on their wards birthdays. Distribution of sweets/chocolates, gifts etc. is not in line with the school’s philosophy and not to be encouraged. List of book’s Library recommended is given in our website (
6. Parents are expected to collect report cards on the appointed days. 7. Report cards will be handed over only to parent/guardians. 8. Finally, it is mandatory that the diary is maintained properly and is carried to school every day.

Rules and Regulations:

School Cleanliness:

Each student must consider it their moral responsibility to keep their class, school and also its premises clean.

Eco Friendly School:

Let's 'Go Green' and reduce our carbon prints by creating a pollution free and litter free zone around us, by saying, 'No' to plastics and polythene bags and by 'Recycling' as much and as far as possible.


• Entry prohibited for two wheeler riders without helmet.
• Vehicles should not exceed a speed limit of 15km/hr within the school campus.

Dress Code:

• Every student must wear uniform along with ID card while in the school.
• It is mandatory for students to wear school uniform on all days and school programme, functions, competitions, board exams etc.
• Please avoid ornaments such as ear rings/chains/bangles which can hurt the child during her physical activities.
• Child is expected to come with well kempt hair and hygienically cut nails.
• On Wednesdays and Saturdays students must wear their house uniforms.

Leave of Absence:

• Leave of Absence is granted on previous written applications from parents or guardians, but only for important reasons.
• Parents must inform the teacher in writing, in case of child’s ill health or any other contingency. It is to be noted that attendance on the first and last days of every term are of greater significance to the school and we consider as the parents bounden duty, not to deviate from the school norms.
• The children will not be allowed to leave the school without the written permission from the principal.

Examination Schedule:

Examination Schedule
Name of the Exam Grade I to Grade X
PT I 09-07-2019 to 18-07-2019
HALF YEARLY 12-09-2019 to 20-09-2019
PT II 25-11-2019 to 04-12-2019
ANNUAL 09-03-2020 to 18-03-2020

First Term Break:

21st September 2019 to 2nd October 2019

Winter Break:

22nd December 2019 to 1st January 2020

Second Term Break:

19th March 2020 to 31st March 2020

All the Saturdays will be holiday for PREKG to STD II.

Transport Facility:

We have a strong transport team of experienced drivers and conductors who follow high safety measures caring for every child. All our drivers make sure that they strictly follow standard speed limits, and safety precautions.

Monthly meeting of SLTC ( School Level Transport Committee ) is conducted to monitor the safety aspects in the vehicle and Bus Travelling.

Periodic inspection report of bus safety is conducted by our teachers. We welcome parent volunteer.

• Conveyance fees will be as per the rate fixed by the Fee Committee.
• The bus will stop only at the fixed points.
• The vehicle will not wait for the arrival of students who are late.
• Discipline and silence must be maintained inside the bus.
• Students must not damage the seats of the bus.
• Students should not stand / peep outside the window of the bus.

Assembly Program:

All the students assemble in the ground for Morning Prayer. Each class is given a chance to perform in the assembly. Students recite prayer, read out news, thought for the day, Thirrukkural, GK question, pledge, National Anthem, Tamilthaivalthu e. to make the assembly interesting. Flag hoisting is performed on all Mondays. Special talk by teachers is organized on every Wednesdays.